We are a partnership of exceptionally talented individuals who have worked with pretty much everyone, from start-ups and NGOs to blue-chip multi-national businesses.

Between us, we are experts in stage management, process facilitation, information management, visualisation and reportage. We have delivered intimate one-to-one environments, workshops and large scale deployments across multiple locations and time-zones.

We speak English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Flemish, Bosnian, Business, Life, Politics, Humour and Compassion.  We reflect the diversity of thinking and approach to work that makes up our working and living world.

Let us care of your content. We’ll weave it into our events and create a truly enriching experience that will affect you heart, mind and soul.

  1. Sinead Sheils

    Founder, principal consultant and director of atmosphere for The Faculty.

  2. Ailsa Mc Carthy

    Ex BBC foreign news producer, now facilitator, content manager and music maestro for us.

  3. Alicia Bramlett

    Artist, illustrator and graphic facilitator all the way from North Carolina

  4. Annie Rickard Strauss

    Our award winning illustrator, scribe and designer. Just don't let her near your pens!

  5. Assia Vignanelli Zichella

    International art exhibitor, scribe, facilitator, story boarder and problem solver for the Crew.

  6. Edd Cox

    Our solution designer - no business challenge too complex or too unconstrained!

  7. Fabienne Regnier

    Scribe, illustrator, producer and facilitator, Fabienne is as versatile as her Swiss Army Knife.

  8. Gaz Roberts

    Scribe, professional illustrator, movie geek, nerd and so much more ...

  9. Hugo Ribes

    International photojournalist and photographer for the Crew

  10. Inka Kretschmer

    Our expert in change management, conflict resolution and working under extreme pressure.

  11. Ivana Zorn

    Award-winning artist in television and music - and performing puppet-maker in her spare time.

  12. James Baylay

    No event is too large, too public, too small or too clandestine for this experienced scribe.

  13. Julie Harris

    Production designer for the funny and famous and set designer for the team.

  14. Karen Britcliffe

    Model maker, illustrator and theatre designer for stage, screen and The Faculty learning environments.

  15. Llywelyn ap Myrddin

    International composer, radio broadcaster and process facilitator and production.

  16. Lucia Fabiani

    A published illustrator and specialist in live visualisation - seen here helping Bill Gates!

  17. Lucrezia Papillo

    International product designer and specialist in dynamic spaces for more productive working.

  18. Neil Hardie

    Our intrepid producer and general creative and process geek!

  19. Paul McLean

    An accomplished all-rounder and 'go-to' person for UK arts and entertainment.

  20. Roland Skinner

    An expert in movement - whether that's people or dynamic installations.

  21. Stuart Samuels

    Graphic facilitator, process facilitator, session designer and expert in conflict prevention!

  22. Tom Harlow

    Award-winning trainer and advisor to the CIPD on HR and people development.

  23. Jules Adcock

    Pending bio