Our clients leave our events informed and confident, ready to engage with clients, mobilise their teams, shape the debate, win new business, transform the way they work and save the planet….

Innovation needs a safe environment to free the senses and liberate the imagination.

Sinead Sheils explains to ICE Online after a running a successful design workshop for key ICE stakeholders how The Faculty works with facilitators to create that safe space.

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Sinead Sheils
Founder of The Faculty talking to ICE Online

What does The Faculty do for me?

In this video, Jon Chadwick explains how he is free to focus on facilitating the course, confident in the knowledge that he can leave the structure, content capture and creative elements to The Faculty.

Jonathan Chadwick
Head of Analytics, Capgemini Consulting

“Sinead’s team is known for its energetic, client-centric approach. They focus less on what ‘should’ be done and more on what might be achieved. There is a constant push for excellence and a very healthy balance of professionalism, fun and striving for more.”

Director PwC

When asked what The Faculty brings to events where Lea_p facilitates, Lauren Burton explains:

"The Faculty crew are absolutely amazing to work with. They design our environment, they create energy with music and lighting and they tell beautiful stories with their sketches and videos. I couldn't recommend them more." 

"The best thing about working with The Faculty is knowing they will take care of everything for you. They are very proactive, really supportive, an answer to every quesiton and smile for everyone,"  adds her partner, Emmanuel Langois. 

Lauren Burton and Emmanuel Langois
Managing partners and co-founders of Lea_p

“Sinead’s ability to make sense of everything we are doing is phenomenal. She’s always one step ahead, getting everyone mobilised for the next stage and keeping us all organised.

“Her Crew’s creative approach to problem solving is invaluable – I can always rely on Sinead and the team to get the job done, no matter how demanding the request and to remain good humoured throughout."

Capgemini Corporate University
Steven Smith, VP Capgemini Corporate University (now Chief Learning Officer, Nordea)

When asked how The Faculty helps Courius, Marco and Nynke explain:

"You allow us to focus on our role as facilitators because we know you are handling all the other stuff. We don't need to direct you - you're out there listening, sensing what's needed and dealing with everything on our behalf. That's the beauty of the Crew."

Marco Buschman and Nynke Pacanda
Managing partner and associate at Courius

“What impresses me most about Sinead and her Crew is their willingness to take ownership of issues for their clients - their ability to come up with practical solutions in complex political environments, across differing cultures and geographies, is second to none.

“Sinead is always up for a challenge and has shown herself to be a consummate team worker. She has a gift for being able to build flexibility into her developed process facilitation skills. She is very inclusive and I have been lucky enough to have her as a coach over the years. Best of all, you can always count on Sinead and her Crew to bring a healthy dose of humor to the most difficult situations, what a winning combination!”

Capgemini Financial Services
Principal Delivery Excellence